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UK "Levelling up" - opportunity for a "devolution revolution"

The UK Government's Levelling Up proposals usher in "deeper devolution" and contain the following statement:-

"We want to usher in a devolution revolution, introducing a new model for counties with mayors or “governors”. We will open negotiations on trailblazer deeper devolution deals with the West Midlands and Greater Manchester combined authorities. These deals will act as the blueprint for other mayoral combined authorities (MCAs) to follow, with bids for more powers welcome. We will likewise recast the geography of MCAs, where necessary, to ensure there is greater economic coherence. We will further invite nine areas to agree new County Deals and seek to agree further MCA deals, extending devolution to much more of England.

Our thoughts recorded in 2014 on the island of Crete at the Palace of Knossos are relevant...see here:

The lengthy 2000 year Minoan civilization (3000-1000 BCE) referred in the video clip, endured peaks and troughs during its evolution before being decimated by the volcanic eruption on nearby Thira (Santorini) c 1450 BC (BCE) and civil strife during subsequent phases of rebuilding.

The reason for highlighting this UK Government development is that our Value Exchange System (VES) is the ideal generic modelling tool for revealing and orchestrating the clusters / ecosystems within the Government's stated "Mission / Focus" on local leadership.


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