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The VES Handbook
Co-creating essential business models
the VES handbook describes in easy stages how to use the Value Exchange System approach and exploit the opportunities in the Creative Economy.
book of questions
the first book of a series of questions to challenge your beliefs and thinking 
modelling innovation
business model validation teaches how to create and assess your business model in a dynamic environment
published as a peer reviewed paper in a special issue of the flagship journal of the civil engineering profession to the theme
"MORE for less"
How could "Open Government" transform its transparency? - a new vocabulary
the call for greater transparency in the way governments function and their relationship with citizens, businesses and non-for-profits is formally supported by over 70 national governments worldwide and co-ordinated by the Open Government Partnership (OGP.) This free publication succinctly covers a wide range of topics, ranging from ecosystems to a pioneering application of blockchain technology for public good
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