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Rip up everything you know!!

"Remodelling of modern management" is the new mantra of CMI, the principal professional body in the UK for management. The current CMI magazine for its members is bursting with emergent trends in how to run organizations which are a leap away from what managers are assumed to "know" - presumably imparted through its flagship Chartered Management programme.

Words and expressions in the articles which resonate with me are: organizational model, teal, holocracy, business dynamics, business ecosystem, orchestration (see a prior blog) today's ecosystems, ecology of resources. What is new and revealing are the excellent contributions to "How we learn."

Consequently, we are witnessing a very belated, but nevertheless welcome, quantum leap in professional management evidence with an incentive for CMI to rewrite its coursework. Is this what Simon Caulkin in the last article is leading up to I wonder?

Sadly, the significant lesson here is that the high priests of management epitomised by CMI seem to have been years behind the curve, even with this new publication. Where, for example, is there a single reference to "business model," or "causal agency?"

We need to be much bolder in giving power to people contribute to business models that affect them.

Close attention should be given to publications of ten years ago, for example a Harvard exposition on adaptive leadership to "view the field of play from the balcony," (a) ...

... or to lively on-line journals such as Enlivening Edge for current challenges to entrenched mind sets,

Silently underpinning all of this, now, are new business models that reveal the interactions between real people in their respective roles and the contributions they make for the good of the whole.

Is it now time to grasp VES (Value Exchange System) to help you frame your next challenge?!

(a) The Practice of Adpative Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organization and the World: A Fieldbook for Practitioners Hardcover – 1 Apr 2009, heifetz, Grashow and Linsky

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