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VES has it taped

Meggitt Bird is focused on constantly refining and providing training in the VES approach for cultivating change, growth and success in organisations. More importantly, it is focused on you, whether involved in a "start-up" or more mature organisation which has to adapt.

Clearly, there are many factors to consider which external consultants tend to make complicated. We, however, like to make it as simple as possible for those involved in change, but not too simple such that key factors are overlooked.

To provide you with a sense of what that means, the diagram shows a range of components which underlie VES (there is no need to study it!). All we wish to convey at this point is that just the three components coloured green are used in the VES diagrams to navigate through the challenges you may face in setting up an organisation or changing an existing one.

Stay tuned, and if you are fascinated by what you see and can't wait for our VES handbook to be published, add a comment, ask a question or share with others to stimulate action.

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