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New Cretan hub of co-creation

The first pure innovation hub in the Crete Region of Greece is taking off. Funded and developed by Cretan business woman and Chartered Civil Engineer, Christie Sarri, Partner in UK based consultancy Meggitt Bird LLP, The sought after space conveniently located 20 minutes from the main airport at Heraklion and just a 15 minute walk to the beaches in Gazi provides all the facilities for sparking innovation. A key feature is its historical connection as one of the Nation’s first inspiring spaces for renewal and co-creative collaboration. Emblazened on its external walls and cultivated by its founders this new space provides a nucleus for stimulating growth in the economy. The underpinning ideas inspired the Agas Group to be the first firm in Greece to adopt techniques for entrepreneurs to navigate the now Internationally recognised value network space for initiating new projects within existing severe constraints using breakthrough business models.

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